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He will call you out saying he is going to pray over you. I have heard him many times.

This is not of God. He is out to rip you off and defame you if you oppose him. Then he has his 20.oo so called pastors under him. They pay a Small Fee and take an open book test to become an IMI minister.

Then tom brags how he has ministers under him in IMI. They are as phony and three dollar bills. Speaking of dollar bills, tom is after yours. Support a starving kid and support me too is what he needs to say.

He speaks the name it and claim it religion. He takes that right to his realtor. His property dealings with monetary "gifts" that he uses to buy them. Check out his spread.

Ask him about Vegas and his dealings there( go ahead tom's followers). He plays on your sympathy of others to benefit his own ratty self. Ask his former wives. If you attend a church that invites him to speak, I would question the doctrine of that church.

Most churches have banned him from their pulpit, but he will claim that those churches are not from God. It is the home churches and the rebellious churches that invite false teachers in. Birds of a feather flock together.

Look int the lives of several of his close followers. According to tom himself, the Honduras orphanage is intended for his close followers to have a retirement village where that can retreat to when their fraudulent ways are found out.

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to Prophet #1426395

Hi Tom that is obviously you trying to cover your shameful lying ways.


Reminds me of a song I know :

We know it's tough to make ends meet through troubled times

As economic woes grow bad to worse

But call out to our family of faithful followers

Make the pledge today - give 'til it hurts

Our coffer's almost empty but our flock stands faithful by To help us shave the needy and bereft Together we can fleece our willing congregation And I can live on any small change that's left So - give 'til it hurts, yeah, give 'til it hurts Make a pledge and - give 'til it hurts.


And you are a real minister I suppose? We're did you go to Bible college or seminary at?

Many of Toms ministers have went to well known Bible colleges. Tom himself has a degree in ministry from a highly accredited and well known Bible college. Tom has given many prophetic words to people that are accurate I read a testimony on one of these posts about him from someone that said Toms accurate prophetic words led them to being born again. By the way what is your testimony?

How did you come to Christ. I feel that you have a dark secret of something that you did to your mother or with her.

I feel You suffer from a defeat mentality and feel defeated and less of a man. Should I read more of your mail and put that out there because I can.

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