The so called prophet named Tom Stamman who has a ministry called Impact Ministries International is a false prophet and ripped me off $800 on a feeding starving kids scam.He travels to churches and gives everyone personal prophetic words said to be from God but has told me un scriptural things like to divorce my spouse and all kinds of other things that where wrong and not accurate.

This guy got me to invest a lot of money to feed the nations thing and promised me a return on my investment as he claimed to use it to buy land in uganda but it has now been 5 years and I have seen no return and they wont comment on it.His website is www.tstamman.com be careful of him and dont give him money

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I've never heard Tom talk about anything more than an investment into GOD'S kingdom (tithes, charitable donations) and the "payback" is God's responsibility.If you invested into a NON-PROFIT expecting returns on the profit than you are a fool and have received your just reward.

"Investments" for return into a non-profit would be a ponzi scheme.

Sorry, but the returns go the other way into the needy.Sorry for your disappointment in misinterpretation.......

Viola, Wisconsin, United States #1208405

I looked up Tom Stammans ministry Impact Ministries International out of Lonsdale MN.on a site about non profits and it said Toms Ministry is registered with the IRS as a church so they don't need to submit financial reports.

Tom why is your ministry registered with the IRS as a church when you are not operating as a church? You take in donations to build a city, that is not your normal church business is it. You purposely did that so you don't have to be accountable financially to the IRS. Your not a church.

Your a charity for orphans. You have really covered your bases haven't you and are covering up any way for anyone to prove that your miss handling funds. You are accountable to no one, you have set yourself up as ruler over a city and people keep giving you money that you are building your own kingdom with.

I guess there are some *** people out there.I am going to let the IRS know your not a church and the nature of your business.

to Anonymous #1284218

I believe Tom Stamman to be a man I look up to.He is serving the Lord and works hard.

I doubt that he is a *** man ripping people off and doing evil things.I originally posted this whole thing because of misunderstandings but that has been cleared up now and I believe Tom Stamman to be a man of integrity


Tom told me that my investment only gave me a check twice a year if there were profits and to date there have been no profits so that is why I never received a check but he told me the money did go to land and it is feeding orphans.I believe he does have an orphanage in Honduras and he feeds kids.

I am letting this go now my question was answered and it is time this ends.

It was not very loving me posting this so I shouldn't have done it.God bless.


What has all this accomplished?Adam Becker what good have you done.

Maybe Tom took your money and gave you false prophecies but I bet you anything that this compliant about Tom only made him more famous. To date he speaks at more churches than he ever has and more money is coming into his ministry than ever before. You have only helped Tom prosper. This compliant hasn't hurt him at all or exposed him.

And people now that Adam Becker has come out with his contact info and people are looking him up on facebook you are only making him more famous and drawing people to his ministry. Here let me help you his prophetic ministry website is elishaserves .com now go and look him up more and maybe say bad stuff about him and call him a liar and help him prosper. Tom anything you say against Mr. Becker or his ministry will only help him as it has helped you to have him speak against you.

I think its time you both dropped it and moved on.

Or Tom will you take the bait and speak out against him like you have on here before.Just tell Adam what you did with his money and let it go.

to Anonymous Lonsdale, Minnesota, United States #1329394

Adam and tom stamman are friends

to Anonymous Provo, Utah, United States #1329400

Adam supports an impact ministry orphan and is ordained with impact ministries international


Adam Becker you are a real piece of trash defaming poor Tom like this while he is helping the helpless.He is a true man of God.

What kind of minister does something like that.

Look everyone I have found Adam Beckers website lets plaster it all over the internet and defame it like he has defamed Tom Stamman his website is at www.elishaserves.com lets let people know what a bad ministry this is that seeks to defame people.I bet he didn't even invest any money into Toms ministry, he is a liar.


Emailed Tom asking what happened to my investment.


Dear Adam,

I am sorry for your confusion.You wouldn't by chance be talking to a guy named Dug are you?

I have no idea what was promised to you but perhaps you were and are unaware about the inherent risks associated with investment and especially micro investments in a 3rd world nation like Uganda. As an investor myself I know that investments go bad all the time and there is a unique psychology specific to the realm of investing. The first rule of thumb is to do your own homework and do not blame anyone else for a bad investment.

The fact is all investments are rooted in probability and not guarantees.

That does not mean this investment was bad or that you will not get a return it's just that I personally would see an investment like that as an investment in people and I would not be expecting a big monetary return. At any rate I just spoke with Tom and you need to call him directly about this (612) 202-6064. I don't know what number you called before but he returns all calls if you leave a detailed message with your contact info. His email is tom@tstamman.com

He is headed to Honduras at the moment and will be reachable after 3/27/2016.

As for the fact that you could not locate IMI in Uganda; IMI has actual independent IMI ministries in some countries e.g. Honduras and Liberia and partners with orphanages and ministries in other countries. However there is IMI land in Uganda and the Pastor's name is Moses Ssembla(sp?)...

We did notice you are friends with Millian Quinteros. You should seriously check out his most recent VLOG on YouTube as it addresses the problem of Christians attacking Christians. It's really quite good. I am personally very angry about this feed and the at the people posting on it.

But Millian convicted me and I am changing my approach here as a result. The fact is brother will continue to deliver brother up. The more successful Tom becomes in helping to bring Heaven to earth the more accusations and the more groundless investigations come his way. But his backyard is always clean so have at it.

We all reap what we sow in the end. As for your marriage; it's really none of our business here and it's your life, your decision and your responsibility but you did describe what amounts to biblical grounds for divorcing her.

I am curious though why you repented, concerning the original post and recently had your ordination with IMI reinstated only to reject Tom and IMI now? Seems rather double minded and unstable to me.

As a minister I am certain you know where the bible talks about that. As for anyone else with sincere questions, who profess to be Christian and are not simply malice ridden trolls; you can contact Tom as well. He'd love to talk to you even if you think you hate him. Better yet come with us to Honduras June 26th - July 7th and see what a prototypical self sustaining orphanage that we hope to replicate globally looks like for yourself.

After all the harvest is plenty and the workers are few. Or don't and we'll keep going round and round here because I know for certain that Tom is human, he does make mistakes but he is also the real deal. It will proven in the in end in spite of what is said here. Incidentally has anyone bothered to research consumer reports concerning Pissed a Consumer?

It's pretty darn bad.I'm just sayin...

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